sexta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2011

I´ve just arrived in Oregon!

Hello my darlings!

I´ve just arrived in Oregon. That was a long and tired trip but great.
It´s 5:02 now. In Brazil must be 11:00 o´clock. 6 hours of difference from Brazil
Today, I´m so tired but tomorrow I´ll put some photos ok.

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  1. Hi, Thanks God! I was anxious about the news!!Did you see my orkut? I put the photos and some friends commented specially our students .... They´re Cute...Girl, God still blessing you!

    Good luck comes with effort, hard work but sometimes it comes unexpectedly to those who believes in sowing a seed, taking care of it don’t expect anything at all. .

    Seize the day

    Kisses..... Miss you!!!!!